Our Story

Our goal is to help you manage your money better by sharing the benefits of Spending Planning. We want to help you take control of your finances, wave goodbye to money stress, and start living the life you desire.

As our founder David Wright says: "After 25 years of helping people to Succeed with Money, I can honestly say that almost no money problem is unsolvable. In fact, it's not uncommon for the right solutions to have an almost immediate positive impact.

Quick History

In the 1990's David found himself struggling to manage his family's finances. He had a good job with a reliable income but still there were problems making that income go round, and eventually his frustration boiled over.

One night he vividly recalls making the decision to do whatever it would take to find out why he was not in control of the family budget. Over the weeks and months ahead he discovered that his biggest cause of frustration was due to vital information that was missing from what his bank was providing him with. Nobody at the bank or anywhere else for that matter seemed to have realised the importance of this information. So, he set out on a mission to create a system that would make it easy to generate that information. His money stress gradually turned into money success and he got very excited.
He showed his system to a local accountant who invited his team of 12 accountants to take a look. One accountant asked David if he was doing house calls and before too long he found himself going into people's homes after work hours helping them.

Why You Need Us

At Spending Planning, our goal is simple — we solve money problems for ordinary people.
People today are often stressed about money. It's extremely rare to find someone who is completely happy with their finances and never runs into trouble.
Most of us are dealing with money worries. We don't know where our money is going, we feel helpless, we're unable to afford big, important purchases like houses and family vacations. Many of us feel trapped in a cycle of being constantly overwhelmed by bills and expenses. As soon as money comes in, it's gone again.
If this sounds familiar, you're not alone. We've worked with countless customers with exactly these problems, and helped them fix them.
The result:
  • You can start making real, concrete plans for the future
  • You'll gain more control and awareness over your money
  • You'll be able to embrace exciting projects, like an investment home
  • You'll be able to save for a comfortable retirement 
  • ...and much more

The difference between actively taking control and passively flailing around when it comes to personal finance is enormous.

How We Help You Get There

A lot of what we've been taught is downright wrong, relying on outdated and unreliable methods to manage money. Neither our parents or our formal education did a good job of teaching personal finance, leaving us to simply stumble our way through with trial and error.

At Spending Planning, we aim to reverse that cycle and put you on a path to financial freedom and success. We'll teach you how to manage your money in a smarter and more proactive way, ditching failed approaches like backwards-facing household budgets.

Here's why it works:

  • You don't have to be a millionaire — these methods work for everyone
  • They're not difficult and can be done quickly with a big impact
  • We can save you a huge amount of time in the short- and long-term

Customer Reviews

 -Dr Lance Box -

I Wish I Had Discovered You Years Ago

Being a Spending Planner is about the best way to live your vocational life. Since graduating in April of 2016 from the Spending Planners Institute, I have had some wonderful experiences helping clients develop their own Spending Plans. Listen to what Jacqui from New South Wales had to say:  - Read More....

 -Malcolm -

Like Having a Finance "Map of the Future"

Well, what can we say about the package so far? Excellent. Your program does what it says.

 After many years of budgeting in the past and wondering where the money went, we can now plan accurately for the future and know, in advance, where it will be going and most importantly what is going where.: - Read More ....

Your program makes you aware of your financial future like having a finance "map of the future" to plan and make informed spending decisions before they arise.

 - Kyra Potts -

We Have Left Behind Us the Debt and Stress

I would like to say a big thank you to you personally as your program has been a total life changing experience for us. We have left behind us the debt and stress.

 - Mary Sweet -

Your Program is the Only Thing That Worked For Me

8 months ago I owed $4,200 on credit cards. I was at least one month behind on the Telstra bill and we never ever paid our rates on time. After adopting your program, we have paid off our credit cards. We have just paid off the rates in full before the due date. Your program is the only thing that worked for me.

 - Annette Wisnewski -

No More Late Fees or Interest Charges

2 years ago I had a personal loan of $7,500 I was struggling to pay. I was 2 months behind in my rates and credit card payments.

Then I discovered your program so no more late fees or interest charges on the credit card cause it's one day late. Keep up the good work.

 -Conrad Scott -

Two Weeks and Already I am Financially Better Off

I am very happy with the program. I am finally able to see my financial future and make appropriate plans. I have only been using it for two weeks and already I am financially better off (approx. $500). Being able to set goals and watch them become a reality is fantastic..

 - Keely -

Thank You For Saving Our Finances and Relationship

Thanks so much for the (spending planner) software, I've finally taught my partner how important it is to look forward in our budget! When he saw that unless we stopped spending so freely now we'd be in hundreds of dollars of debt by Christmas his jaw dropped to the floor! It was the only way I could get him to realise how important it is to budget... Continue Reading

 - Leilani Jones -

Amazing to Feel Confident When A Bill Comes In

I just wanted to tell you how really wonderful I think your program is. My husband and I have been able to save money for the first time in our lives. We have set up many different accounts, Such as a new car a/c, a Christmas a/c, cumulative savings a/c, a Colonial Managed Funds a/c and my favourite one is our Hawaii a/c! As my name is Hawaiian, it... Continue Reading

Take Control of Your Money and Live the Life You Desire

To get started, you can request a free call from one of our Certified Spending Planners, or you can create your own log-in account to the Spending Planner software and privately set up your own plan. IF you need help there is a software support line and if you decide you want to get help setting up your own plan you can always request help at that time.

Having your own personal Spending Plan will make all the difference. You will look back a year from now and recognise that today was the turning point in your financial journey.

Take control of your finances, bid farewell to your money stress, and start living the life you desire.

Creating your own personal Spending Plan will be one of the best things you ever did.

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