Nobody Gets the Gold Medal Without a Coach!

A Spending Planner is a financial services professional trained in providing for you what the school system failed to deliver. A simple, easy to use money system that puts money where you need it, when you need it, so you can live a stress-free financial life where money is a silent partner rather than a nagging dictator!

With a Spending Plan, when your Electricity bill arrives, the money to pay it with arrives as well. When your Insurance bill arrives, the payment money is there ready and waiting and it’s the same for all your other annoying but predictable bills as well.

A Spending Plan turns everything the right way up! Your money will tell you when a bill is going to arrive rather than the bill arriving and telling you you are in trouble!

Ask yourself this important question… How can you get money right if you have never been taught what ‘right’ actually looks like or how to achieve it?

A Spending Planner coaches you in what you need to know to get it right once and for all!


What is the Spending Planning Process?

Everything starts with you and everyone focusses on YOU.

Spending Planners offer a no-risk, guaranteed results, experience that will totally transform the way you manage and feel about money.

They can only help you by getting their hands dirty. They explain everything that they will do and what they are looking for from you in return.

No-Risk Guarantee


Here's How it Works

1) You book your free call. 

2) A Spending Planner will give you a no-obligation, free call to get to know you and your situation. They will discuss your current situation with you and help you to get really clear on what is causing your current frustrations and how to leave what is not working behind and create an easy to manage (and follow) Spending Plan that will deliver what you really want.

3) Once your Spending Planner is clear on where you are at and what you want to achieve they will demonstrate how you can use the tools and service they deliver to fast track creating your own Spending Plan.

4) You and your Spending Planner discuss what next step would best suit your situation and your needs.

Note: Your Spending Planner will offer to work with you if you both agree that that would be appropriate and desirable. There will be a cost involved but you will never be taking a risk in making a decision to accept the offer.

A Money-Back guarantee is always offered with only one condition; you must complete the basic tasks required of you to create your Spending Plan or the guarantee cannot apply.

Service Fees will never be unrealistic or unaffordable. Spending Planners work with one simple underlying mantra. They are in the business of making your financial life better!

5) Your Spending Planner takes you step-by-step through the process of creating your Spending Plan

6) When your plan is complete your Spending Planner moves into a mentoring role, regularly checking in with you to make sure your plan is working, you know how to follow the plan and you know how to modify the plan if needed.

At the same time, they provide the accountability you need to stick to the plan until that becomes a normal part of your day to day (stress-free) life.