Money Problems come from a lack of planning, more than a lack of income.

-- David Wright --

Finding yourself at the end of yet another month, having fallen short of your financial goals, is a terrible feeling. This is especially true when you’ve made sacrifices to get there and seem to have followed all the right steps, like cutting out unnecessary expenses and keeping to a budget.

But managing your money and hitting your saving goals isn’t just possible — it’s fairly easy when you know how. The problem isn’t that managing your spending is hard, or that you lack discipline. The problem is that most people have been taught to do it in completely the wrong way.

We can change that. Our Spending Planners are financial services professionals trained in providing for their clients what the school system failed to deliver. A simple, easy to use money system that puts money where they need it, when they need it, so they can live a stress-free financial life where money is a silent partner rather than a nagging dictator!

With a Spending Plan, when your Electricity bill arrives, the money to pay it with arrives as well. When your Insurance bill arrives, the payment money is there ready and waiting and it’s the same for all your other annoying but predictable bills.

A Spending Plan turns everything the right way up! Your money will tell you when a bill is going to arrive rather than the bill arriving, begging the question "where is the money?", and telling you that you are in trouble!

Ask yourself this important question… How can you get money right if you have never been taught what 'right' actually looks like or how to achieve it?

A Spending Planner coaches his or her clients in what they need to know to get it right once and for all!

Let's take a look at how they do that....


What is the Spending Planning Process?

Everything starts with you and everyone focuses on YOU.

Spending Planners offer a no-risk, guaranteed results, experience that will totally transform the way you manage and feel about money.

They can only help you by getting their hands dirty. They explain everything that they will do and what they are looking for from you in return.

No-Risk Guarantee


Here's How it Works in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1: Book Your Free Call

Give our friendly money experts a call on 1300 918 450 or Request a Free Call to organise your no-obligation, free and confidential consultation.

This is the first step towards your new life with far less, or quite possibly even no money stress, while still being able to set and achieve new and exciting financial goals. 

Step 1: Book Your Free Call
Step 2: Speak with an Expert Spending Planner

Step 2: Speak with an Expert Spending Planner

An expert Spending Planner will give you a no-obligation, free call to get to know you and your situation.

During the call the Spending Planner will listen carefully to understand where you are at. They will help you create a simple Spending Plan for some common basic expenses so you can see clearly how Spending Planning can be a game changer and how you can take control of money and choose your financial future rather than it just happening all out of control.

If the Spending Planner feels you are someone they can help and you feel that Spending Planning will give a significant benefit, you will have an opportunity to proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Work with an Expert Spending Planner

At this point your Spending Planner will be clear on where you are at and what you want to achieve. They will show you how to use the available tools and services to leverage your Spending Plan to pay off any debt you might have, start setting new goals and achieving far more financially than you ever thought possible.

Your Spending Planner will be focussed on teaching you new concepts and showing you how to use the Spending Planner software and other tools to successfully deal with all the situations that life may throw at you.

Step 3: Work with an Expert Spending Planner
Step 4: Achieve Financial Success

Step 4: Achieve Financial Success and Manage Your Money, Stress-free

With a comprehensive Spending Plan in place your Spending Planner moves into a mentoring role, regularly checking in with you to make sure your plan is working, you know how to follow the plan, and how to modify the plan if and when that might be needed.

At the same time, they provide the accountability you need to stick to the plan until that becomes a normal part of your day to day (stress-free) life.

Many clients call their Spending Planner for a chat and to brag about how well they are doing long after the official relationship ended.

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