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Certified Spending Planners are experts in helping their clients to:-

  • Gain control of their finances
  • Get out of debt
  • Pay their bills on time
  • Save for their dreams
  • Live their financial life with more confidence and less stress

The only people Spending Planners cannot help are those that have given up. They no longer believe change is possible and they have a 'glass half empty' view of their situation. As a result Spending Planners will only work with people who are hungry for change, commited to making change happen, and who have a 'glass half full' outlook.

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David & Carolyn's Ticker TV Interview

Watch as David Wright (CEO) and Carolyn Moes (Spending Planner) are interviewed regarding the need for people to embrace Spending Planning.

How bad is the money problem? Where does Spending Planning fit into the modern family’s financial journey?

If you have champagne taste on a beer budget a Spending Planner will be your next best friend, life saver and money saver!

“Nobody wins a Gold Medal without a coach” - Spending Planners assist you in fixing your money problems and leaving your money stress behind.