I Wish I Had Discovered You Years Ago

I Wish I Had Discovered You Years Ago

Being a Spending Planner is about the best way to live your vocational life. 

Since graduating in April of 2016 from the Spending Planners Institute, I have had some wonderful experiences helping clients develop their own Spending Plans.

Listen to what Jacqui from New South Wales had to say: 

“I look forward to working with you, achieving great results. I wish I had discovered you years ago! I was not sure what to expect when we had our first interview, but your professional and easy going nature had me realising pretty quickly that there was a manageable solution, and all I had to do was follow your recommendations of how to balance all finances out and quickly get into addressing any debt that was pulling me backwards.

Having taken a huge salary drop, you made me realise fairly quickly, it is all about learning to manage what you have first, regardless of the amount. Simple steps, broken down, made it all appear much more doable and I couldn't wait to get started. Within a couple of sessions, we had a clear and realistic plan to get back on top of things and that feeling is priceless ...

You have been absolutely fantastic getting things sorted and a complete pleaser and fun to work with.

Thanks for your patience. I know our results will be great.

Thanks for your focus.

Thanks again for your amazing help and coaching and getting things sorted.” 

With feedback like this, the whole experience of being a Spending Planner is such a buzz. I know it is exactly what I want to do for the rest of my vocational life. Hey, I am 60 this year. What other way could you start a whole new career at the time when others are thinking about putting their feet up and opting out.

No way! I love the Spending Planner lifestyle.

- Dr Lance Alan Box -