Super Excited about Sitting down Together as a Family and Planning Our next 15 Years

I would just like to say that it was an absolute pleasure to meet you last night in Melbourne. Tracey and I are delighted with what we learnt from the night. Already today I have been onto your web site. I am spending the rest of today putting together our (household) budget for the future.

Our background is in the transport industry and we have built a very successful business over the past 10 years. I am embarrassed about the fact that I have never once done a budget for ourselves or for our company. Building the business to its current size of a million dollar plus turnover and employing eighteen people has never been easy and all our decisions were based on gut feelings. I would never ever suggest anybody else do this. Building the business would have been so much safer, easier and quicker with your program. I can't change the past but I can learn from it and I guarantee I will never do it that way again.

Today is also our 15th wedding anniversary and we see today as a chance to reflect on our lives together so far, but more importantly, we are super excited about sitting down together as a family and planning our next 15 years and the next 15 and the next 15. The financial planning part of our lives will be so much easier to do with the help of your program and we can't thank you and your family enough. We know (gut feel) that your program will, over time, impact on the lives of millions of people around the world for generation after generation.