Managed to Clear All Debt... And Well on Our Way to a Deposit for Our First Home!

I recently bought your program and cannot thank you enough, for it has changed my life.

I am (or was!) your typical young male whose wage burnt a hole in his pocket each week. On top of this I had various debts for cars, credit cards etc. totalling almost $15,000. By using your program and some good financial advice though, I have managed to turn my life around.

My girlfriend and I have managed to clear all debt, and are well on our way to a deposit for our first home! It is an amazing advantage to be able to scroll through our statement in advance to see when we will have enough money. We have also realised that with some discipline we will even be able to cover all fees & charges leaving "the first home owner's grant" to spend on us!

Your program has really helped us to prioritize our spending habits and cut out any unnecessary costs we used to have because the money was just there.

This program has helped us so much that now the rest of my family is getting in on the action. I even caught my dad having a go the other night!!

Again I thank you and hope that perhaps this positive feedback might help others realise what a fantastic program it can be.

Max Ainscough