Isn't It Just Great to Reduce That Debt?

Your budget system has changed our lives... Just completely for the better! We now don't spend our money on crap but also know where it's going and we know how much we need to survive! The last time we spoke I think my partner needed to earn $1500 and myself $750... To live... Well now... He only needs to earn $1000 and myself $600!

Isn't it just great to reduce that debt... I have paid off my personal loans I had and only have $7k left on the $18k loan we had for Chris, my partner. Have also paid out a credit card and only now have $2k to pay off go MasterCard (and we have 10k worth of savings ) we have purchased secondhand older cars that are terrific and downsized... best of all my partner is now home and no more FIFO!

Hayley Summers