Changed Our Financial Capability in Such a Positive Way

I am pleased to say that this programme is not only easy to use once you have the hang of it but will drastically reduce the time you spend calculating your budget and any financial projections you might do. It will accurately calculate your credit card statement, your loan repayments, your expenditure and your income as well as performing a myriad of other financially based calculations that would usually take you some time.

I would go to the point of saying that it has changed our financial capability in such a positive way. I can now accurately determine whether we can purchase something or not. We are now in a position where we don't run out of money in the middle of a pay period. We have a positive outlook for the future - not because we are earning any more money - in fact, it is just the opposite, our income has been halved as I am not currently working (renovating instead) but bills still have to be paid and as a family, you need to live.

I can say this program does work and it has drastically changed the way we view our financial ability.

Nathalie Jaxon