Amazing to Feel Confident When a Bill Comes In

I just wanted to tell you how really wonderful I think your program is. My husband and I have been able to save money for the first time in our lives. We have set up many different accounts,

Such as a new car a/c, a Christmas a/c, cumulative savings a/c, a Colonial Managed Funds a/c and my favourite one is our Hawaii a/c! As my name is Hawaiian, it has been my childhood dream and goal to go to Hawaii. When I turned 21, I made it my ambition to do this before I turned 30. Well, it is less than 2 years now before the big 3-0, and I am extremely excited to say to you that, because of your program, we have nearly $700 in our Hawaii account! This is truly amazing for us to have money saved in an account, let alone 5 accounts! And this has only happened in 5 months! This may not seem very much to most people, but when you consider that I only work 15 hours a week and we have 2 young children at home, this is a wonderful achievement and milestone in our lives.

I am the one in our family who looks after our money, and because I had no real focus with our finances, I used to go to the shops every day, and spend little bits here and there on things that we didn't really need. It is so amazing when you work out how much these little purchases add up to over a year! Now that I have our (household) budget in black and white in front of me, I am really focused on our money and so organised with our bills. It is amazing to feel confident when a bill comes in, to know that the money is sitting in your account ready to pay it! I cannot thank you enough for the financial freedom you have given my family and me.

I have been highly recommending your program to everyone I know and I look forward to reading the book I have just ordered from your bookstore, to learn more about saving money and using it wisely!

Leilani Jones