Don’t Let Money Stress Turn You into a Grinch


It's the time of year to be generous and enjoy giving gifts to the people you work with, your family members and people you don't know who are less fortunate. However, money stress and debt can take its toll! You probably know someone you would call a Christmas Grinch. You probably also know someone you would refer to as a grinch all year round! But what exactly is a Grinch and what causes them to become so miserable that they have lost the Christmas spirit and the spirit of giving in general? In this episode of the Succeed with Money podcast, David and Carolyn look at how money stress can steal your happiness and turn you into someone who you would never have wanted to be. They also look at how to reverse this to find the real you that exists beyond money stress.

Certified Spending Planners are obviously busy people, but they're happy to spend time with you to discuss your situation, answer your questions, and create an opportunity for you both to see if there would be any benefit in working together.

Considering that most people will only request a call from a Spending Planner when they are under money stress, Spending Planners are very aware of the need to offer affordable solutions that are appropriate to their clients' situation. Their service is money-back guaranteed so if they do not feel that any of the solutions they have to offer would suit your needs they will not make an offer, but instead will suggest alternate options for you to consider.

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