There are at least three basic human needs. Food, Shelter and Clothing and many would add Companionship to that list as well.

Food is usually readily available and quite affordable. Clothing can be expensive if you let it, but there are certainly economical options available. Potential companionship is all around us and it is usually free, although it can come with some substantial non-financial costs.

Shelter, somewhere to live, is one of the biggest expenses most people encounter. House prices have always made it that home ownership requires a concerted and deliberate effort to achieve, but is home ownership worth it?

Choosing to make the commitment to purchasing a home, or deciding it is better to rent is something that often comes up for debate.

In today's episode of the 'Succeed With Money' podcast David and Carolyn explore the pros and cons that might influence your decision either way so they can maybe help you answer the question; is it better to buy a house or rent one?