A recent report from the ABC stated that while each generation of Australians has enjoyed a better standard of living than the one that came before it, today's young Australians are in danger of falling behind.

We all want to see our children have a great life and as parents we want to pass on the lessons we have learnt, so our children can avoid making the mistakes we made.

Over the past 53 episodes of Succeed With Money we've been banging on about the importance of taking control of your money and how important having a plan for your day to day finances is.

If you've been listening to our podcast over the last 12 months you would have learnt the importance of taking control of your money, getting rid of debt, understanding where your money goes and how to create a secure financial future.

We are now entering the 2nd year of our podcast and have realised the importance of teaching the next generation, i.e. your kids,  good money skills. Over the coming weeks we will be focusing on the importance of teaching children good life money skills ... which makes this an episode not to be missed!