In a normal year, I would be saying “Can you believe it, it’s December already” but this year is different! I think many people would be saying “Thank God, it’s December finally!”

However, December marks the beginning of THE most treacherous 3 months of the year when it comes to money.

It started with the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales and then next, the School Holidays start. That continues on through Christmas and New Year (which is a high-cost period for all and a low-income period for tradies). Back to School costs and Credit Card bills arrive in January and February often brings the rates bill for homeowners.

It's a period that anyone who does not have a spending plan or a bottomless pit of money actually dreads!

In this week’s episode of Succeed With Money, David and Carolyn discuss this annual phenomenon and talk about ways to avoid the pain that goes with it… which makes this an episode not to be missed!