Do you remember your early adult life? How exciting was it to finally have arrived at the doorstep of life on your terms? Do you remember some of your firsts? First date, first kiss, first car, first job??? What an exciting time it was! 

Of course, it wasn’t always perfect! Do you remember your first speeding ticket, your first bust-up with a girlfriend or boyfriend? It wasn’t all roses but it certainly was a great time! 

Looking back it’s hard to believe we were so vulnerable and so at risk, yet we were so totally oblivious to that fact at the time! The truth was that we really had no idea about what we had no idea about... and it was great! Sometimes ignorance is bliss. 

This week David and Carolyn look at the life journey and the kind of things we all should be learning along the way. Every decade has its own pleasures and challenges that we need to embrace. It’s a really interesting topic…. which makes this an episode not to be missed!