Can you remember when you were young… with goals and dreams for the future? You had to wait, but finally freedom came, and you were on your way.

You packed so much into those first few years!

Your income grew, and a world of possibilities opened up before you. Life was exciting!

Maybe you achieved success in your work, perhaps love came your way, maybe you even got married and started a family. Life was good!

But things can change so quickly…

After a great beginning, it’s easy to find yourself running into a financial brick wall and wondering “what happened to the dream?” All too quickly you can become frustrated, under money pressure, feeling like you'll never get out from under the constant mountain of bills and debts that need to be paid.

What chance is there of you fitting in some family holidays and having a bit of fun along the way? It’s not looking good!

With all of this, life can become very frustrating… you could be working your butt off and earning a pretty good income, only to find yourself still feeling like you’re going nowhere financially.

Everyone else seems to end up with your hard-earned money and the pressure is constant!

It gets harder and harder to remember a time when you weren’t struggling and under money stress.

You might even be feeling overwhelmed, because even though you're trying really hard to get ahead, you’re falling short of the dream you had for your life now, back when you were young and free.

But don’t worry — this is a very common scenario. And what’s more, it’s a scenario with a clear solution. If you’re in this position it’s entirely possible to reclaim control of your finances and start living a more rewarding life without the money stress.

This is something that most people don’t ever realise because the way we think about money management is usually wrong.

Before we dive into that, let me introduce myself.


My name is David Wright.

I was in exactly the same money stress situation I’ve described above in my early 30’s. I got so frustrated I made a commitment to work out what I was doing wrong.

It took a while, but one night I had a breakthrough and I realised that what I had previously been doing in an attempt to take control of my money was a waste of time, and I could see what I needed to do instead that would put me back in control.

That was the mid-1990s.

Since then I’ve helped tens of thousands of people to be more successful with money. I’ve spoken to audiences in the UK, USA, New Zealand and pretty-well right around Australia.

I’ve been interviewed on TV and Radio in the USA and Australia many times on the topic of personal budgeting and managing day-to-day finances, and I have been a contributor to the Money Magazine’s ‘Ask the Experts’ column on numerous occasions.

So, I know your pain and frustration... I've been there myself, and I know how to help you solve it.

To understand why most of us struggle with money, we need to think about our life journey.

How Financial Struggles Begin

In every person’s life, there are distinct chapters that are triggered by age, and by decisions.

When you are a child, your age determines your advancement through the various chapters. During this time you dream about the exciting life and new freedoms you will have as an adult and you look forward to being able to live life on your own terms.

Then, in your later teens, freedom arrives, and you make decisions about how you will start pursuing your dreams but you don’t understand fully what lies ahead.

In your twenties, those decisions begin to produce outcomes that determine just how high you can fly. Your income increases, and dreams of living the high life begin to crystalise. Exciting prospects lie ahead.

Love, travel, cars, sport, hobbies, perhaps leadership and heaps of other exciting things motivate, inspire, and encourage you on.

However, a new chapter is just around the corner. 

Soon, you have to deal with constraints brought on by financial commitments and responsibilities.

Children arrive and you have to save for a home, cover the cost of paying the bills and feeding and clothing your family…

Pursuing your passions and managing time, relationships, and money (intangibles you never fully understood in your early years), begins to take its toll, and your dreams begin to seem more like the proverbial carrot at the end of a stick, and you never seem to get any closer to achieving them; in fact they may well start to crumble.

The pressure and the mundane, repetitive drudgery of facing this tough new chapter of your life, day after day, with very little personal reward or the freedoms you previously enjoyed, leads to stress and frustration.

Many people find themselves facing relationship pressures (usually leading to a serious decline in romance and bedroom harmony), and feelings of frustration and even anger can begin to emerge.

It is in this chapter that your wealth battle is either won or lost.

You have two clear options.

Option 1. You can continue fighting a losing battle on your own, letting your dreams die, pushing back your goals (or even forgetting about them altogether), and watching cracks develop in what was once an exciting and passionate relationship with your spouse.

(Most people who go with Option 1 just accept these consequences as an inevitable, unfortunate fact of life).


Option 2. The alternative to money stress… You can get someone to help. You know that nobody ever gets a gold medal without a coach beside them. To be successful with money, you also need the right person beside you. Very few people can deal with their own money without letting emotions take over from common sense at critical times. You need someone who will:-

  • Teach you new skills
  • Provide you with insights into why you have failed in the past
  • Give you a simple system to follow
  • Give practical examples to help you make sense of new concepts
  • Give you access to the tools that will help you implement the new system
  • Provide accountability to help you stick to your plan while you develop new habits
  • Show you how to deal with the ‘Life Happens’ events that WILL come your way
  • Answer your questions (because you will have them)

If you choose option one (to go it alone), life simply will not get easier any time soon.....

You already know about the money pressure caused by home loans, car loans, credit card payments, food bills, clothing expenses, electricity, insurance, medical expenses, fuel, tyres, registration, rates, children’s education, and a myriad of other expenses to be paid (as if you needed me reminding you).

Your levels of stress, anxiety and dissatisfaction with life are bound to increase... they certainly will not get better on their own!

If you choose option two you will have to step out of your (not so comfortable) comfort zone, but you know that not doing so will leave you stuck at option one.

Human nature is not your friend

When life throws financial problems and pressures at us, it’s human nature to keep those problems to ourself. We do not want anyone, especially our friends, to know we’re not living the dream!

We internalise, and we try to deal with the pressure personally. We work harder and longer, and we spend less time enjoying the freedom that we thought was going to be so awesome when we were younger.

It’s in these times of trying to deal with financial pressures that we think about what we can do to improve our situation and lead to a new and better chapter.

We consider buying investment properties, trading shares or starting our own business in some way. Getting assistance from a finance professional or someone with more experience than we have personally, also crosses our mind.

However, in the midst of these ‘pressure’ chapters of life, it’s difficult to see how to free up the money that would be required for taking action on any of these ideas, and it’s easy to procrastinate and end up just doing nothing at all.

BUT here’s a fact that most people are unaware of...

An average middle-income family often has no idea of what happens to around 10% of their income.

For a middle-income family, that’s something like ten to twelve thousand dollars a year, and as income goes up, so too does the amount of money that disappears!

Many of us are missing out on the opportunity to take a decent annual holiday or to invest in a better future and early retirement (or both), all because we just do not have the ability to get in control of our day-to-day finances and claim back that missing money!

The entire ‘Spending Planning’ website is dedicated to informing people about how creating and following a Spending Plan can totally transform their day-to-day lives and produce positive long-term wealth benefits.

Who do Spending Planners work with?

There is currently a relatively small but passionate team of Certified Spending Planners around Australia who have the tools, training, and resources to help put their clients back in control of their day-to-day finances so they can reclaim their financial freedom and enjoy their life again.

Whether a client would choose the holiday, the investment, a combination of both (or anything else for that matter), a Spending Planner helps them to get back the direction and excitement they once had by following the simple proven formula that I discovered back in the mid 1990’s.

As you can imagine, there are tens of thousands of people who want to reclaim their financial freedom and start a new chapter, but they don’t know what to do or how to go about it. The current team of Spending Planners would have a serious problem if even a tiny fraction of these people came to them for help at the same time, so they have to be very choosey about who they accept as clients and how many they take on at any one time.

With over 25 years of experience behind me, I know that there are people who will say they want their life to change, but they actually want someone else to change it for them. Whether it’s fixing your finances, losing weight, getting fit, completing a university course or anything similar, unfortunately you have to drive these changes yourself! You can get someone to help you, but YOU have to own the process and see it through.

I also know there are many people who do not take action on sorting out their financial situation because of fear…

  • Fear of having to give up something
  • Fear of finding out that things are worse than they thought
  • Fear of having someone else looking over their shoulder
  • Fear of looking silly to their friends
  • Fear of losing control of the process and not being able to stop what they started if it get's too scary
  • Fear that the process will not work for them
  • Fear that someone else will tell them what they should do (nobody likes that)
  • Fear of not being able to stick to the process
  • Fear of not being able to afford the help

Dealing with all these fears overpowers their desire to take positive action, so they are stuck between a rock and a hard place and they stay where they are.

 A Spending Planner

  • Never tells you to give up something
  • Does not need to know any more than you want to tell them
  • Never judges you or your situation
  • Keeps your information confidential
  • Always puts YOU in control
  • Allows you to make your own decisions (they never tell you what to do)
  • Helps you to stick to the process
  • Provides an affordable option to suit your situation
  • Offers a money back guarantee that has only one condition (you must complete the course, or the results can’t be guaranteed).

As a result, a Spending Planner is not prepared to work with anyone who is not serious about seeing the process through and permanently changing their life. Most clients who have changed their life have had some (or many) of the fears I listed above, but they have swallowed hard, overcome the fear, and found that once they got started the results far exceeded their expectations and the fear melted away.

My husband and I have both had extremely positive attitude changes in many areas of our life since working with our Spending Planner. We have so much more confidence in dealing with our own money and have proved to ourselves that we can do it. It is such a great feeling to be in control of our money and to be planning so positively towards our future.

Our Spending Planner has given us access to tools that help us with the planning and saving of our money, giving us the confidence to tackle the important things in our life.

This most certainly has been the best money that we have ever spent. It really has been life changing for us in so many ways; I recommend it to anyone at any spectrum of the salary scale and from any walk of life.

Susan and Steve - Sydney










Spending Planners choose to work with people who ARE prepared to take action. There is nothing that a client is asked to do that is hard work, but it does require a commitment to see the process through.

A typical Spending Planner client who requested a free initial ‘find out more’ phone call would often say to the Spending Planner that they have a reasonable household income, but they are sick and tired of there never being any money left over for them! The money just seems to disappear, and nothing they have tried has resolved the problem. Even when their income has increased the problem has remained!

So, Spending Planners work with people who are prepared to commit to the process, and who just do not know why their income never seems to be enough, no matter how much they earn.

You are only ever one decision away from a new chapter in life. If you think you are someone a Spending Planner would want to work with, CLICK HERE to request a free ‘find-out-more’ call back from a Spending Planner and they will connect with you within 48 hours.

And just so you know, unlike financial planning, where you have to wait for years and years to receive the benefit of the work you put in, with Spending Planning your next chapter starts almost right away, not years in the future.

I'll give you an example.... I worked with a husband and wife some years ago. On our first phone call I was told by the wife that she had not slept through for even one night in the last two years because of money stress.

Two weeks later she told me that she had just slept through for the first time in years because she was no longer stressed about money; there was a light at the end of the tunnel and she could see that everything was going to be OK. They would be able to afford their life WITH some of the luxuries they wanted.

Less than a month later they took a weeklong holiday to the Gold Coast and enjoyed every moment.

CLICK HERE to request a free callback from a Spending Planner and you will both have the opportunity to find out if a Spending Plan would work for you, and whether you could work together (or not).

Small Changes Lead to Big Outcomes Over Time

If you are still a little uncertain or you would just like more information about Spending Planning, you may be interested in a short video series I am putting together that will give you more detail. The first video will be available soon.

If you would like me to send you the link when it’s done, watch this space. When I get closer I'll set up a form where you put your name on a list so I can email you when the first video is ready. I’m thinking there will be three videos in the series at this stage.

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