Let me ask you this...

If I offered you $1 and asked you to give me back $1million in ten years, would you know what to do?

I have a book called “How to turn $1 into $1million in 7 years or less”. The strategies in the book are simple but not easy.

(In other words, you definitely will not do it watching TV every night and checking your portfolio balance once a month!)

If I offered you $100 could you give me back $1million in ten years? How about if I gave you $1,000? OK, what about, $10,000 or $100,000?

Do you have any idea at what point you would start to think, yep I could do that?

“Houston, we have a problem!”

Only a small percentage of people actually know how to generate income apart from going to work and swapping hours for money. Anything beyond that and they struggle!

For years I have been providing personal budgeting software and money advice on all sorts of topics that relate to:

  • Wealth creation

  • Reducing financial stress

  • Debt reduction

  • Spending planning

And almost every other ‘money mindset' topic you care to mention.

One thing that worries me is this:

A colleague of mine recently gave a presentation to a room full of accountants and he asked them what their expectations were regarding retirement income. Their response shocked him!

It turned out that the majority of them had an expectation of budgeting on around $500 a week in 'after tax' income to live on in retirement.

Just so you know, $500 after tax would equate to something like $32k per annum taxable income, a figure that is substantially less than an accountant would be earning prior to retirement!

You can see why he was shocked.

So what I can't stop thinking is this; we would all expect a room full of accountants to have the financial answers. Clearly that is not necessarily so; something is missing!

If a room full of accountants don't have what it takes to retire comfortably, then it follows that many of us ‘plebs' are going to need a lot more help.

Failing to make the right decisions now won't just result in stress, uncertainty, and disappointment in the short-term — it could crush our dreams of having a comfortable and prosperous retirement, too.

Saving for your older years is a big source of stress for many of us. Simply keeping on top of the expenses we need right now can be challenging enough, without even thinking about the future.

I have learnt a lot in the last 23 years from working with people on their money problems so I am well qualified to help anyone who wants to be helped.

The best advice I can give anyone who wants to get out of their money problems and reach the $1million target (or any other target for that matter) is to start educating themselves and get someone to show them the way.

Whether that is through the Spending Planners Institute's programs or with someone else does not matter (although I do recommend Spending Planners as I know each one of them).

Just make sure you choose someone who will give you solid information and ensure you are being challenged and pushed outside your comfort zone.

The cost of NOT getting educated is much more than the cost of getting educated.

If you think taking control of your money is all too hard, get a Spending Planner to help you. Go to www.findaspendingplanner.com.

There you will find trained Spending Planners who are extremely passionate about helping people like you. The benefit will be far more than the outlay and what you learn during the process will benefit you for the rest of your life!

On the other hand, if you already have a Spending Plan, your finances are not under stress and you know what I'm talking about, you may be interested in joining the team. If you would like to feel the satisfaction of helping someone else turn their life around and create your own business in the process you might want to consider becoming a Spending Planner too.

Have a look at what one of the Spending Planners who trained late in 2017 has to say about her experience in becoming a Spending Planner: CLICK HERE.

And if you decide you would like to find out more, go to https://spendingplannersinstitute.com/become-a-spending-planner/.