Did you get excited when you read the subject of this blog?

If it was possible to find a guaranteed safe investment that returned more income than it cost each week (a money tree) by just Googling ‘Money Tree + your postcode', how many would you buy?

Do you think there is a bank that would lend as much money as you wanted to purchase these money trees with no limits? How many would you buy if a bank would lend to you with no limits? Would you take the lot?

How long do you think they would last before they were sold out?

Logic tells you that if they did exist they would all be gone in the first few minutes and most people would miss out.

What does this tell you?

If you're ever looking for a worthwhile investment, you're probably going to have to exert a lot more effort than just opening the local paper or a browser on your computer.

Take a look at this from the other side. If you had grown a crop of money trees that you were going to advertise for sale, how much would you charge for them? If it was me, I would offer them for an amount that gave me the best price possible but still keeping them attractive to just the top few potential buyers.

Money Trees Are Hard to Grow

OK, let's face it, it is highly unlikely that you will ever find legitimate easy riches advertised in the paper or anywhere else for that matter. You are going to have to work a little harder and smarter than that!

But it can be done... sort of. If you take the right steps to manage your money now and follow the right financial advice, you can eventually build a situation where you're able to generate money yourself.

The result:

  • Less reliance on external factors like a job

  • Less stress about making ends meet

  • More disposable cash for treats like meals out and family holidays

  • More financial freedom

Are you closer to having your own money tree now than you were a year or two ago or are you still trying to get around to looking for the shovel so you can dig the hole to plant it?

You know, now is the absolute best time to take a look at where your home budgeting is up to and to start working on your Spending Plan for the future, because that is where your real money trees are going to grow from.

I've spent the last twenty-plus years of my life helping people improve their financial direction, and in this time I have helped thousands of people.

I can assure you that if you want to change your financial future and start growing your own money tree, the first step is to get control of your day to day finances and know where you are at right now.

Recently I have taken all my years of experience as a money coach and passed what I have learned on to a team of Certified Spending Planners, and the first step they take people through in helping them remove the ‘money-stress knot' from their stomach is all about getting clear on what is happening at a day to day level with their finances.

This is where wealth begins!

If financial security is important to you I recommend you take the time to connect with a Spending Planner and find out how they can help you begin the journey to creating your own Money Trees. Go to www.findaspendingplanner.com. A Spending Planner will help you get serious about pushing your ‘financial future' to the next level.

I would like to hear you say this time next year that a Spending Planner helped you get your Money Tree planted and shooting nicely, or if you already have one, that they helped you get it growing better.

The simple task of reaching out to a Spending Planner is a great place to start.

I do understand how difficult it can be to ask for help, or to know who to trust. If it was easy, everyone would have their wealth plan all worked out and nobody would have financial stress in their lives. My experience has been that taking control of your finances is simple but it is not necessarily easy. The problem: we are all human and often struggle to do what we know we should do because we prefer to do what we want to do!

If you ARE ready to make a change, contact a Spending Planner and have a no cost, no obligation chat with them to find out how they can help you. Go to www.findaspendingplanner.com.

You will find Spending Planners are extremely passionate about helping people like you. The benefit will be far more than the outlay and what you learn during the process will benefit you for the rest of your life!

By the way, if you already have a Spending Plan and your finances are ticking along quite nicely as a result, you may be interested in joining the Spending Planner team. If you would like to feel the satisfaction of helping other people turn their lives around and the thought of creating your own business in the process, you might want to consider becoming a Spending Planner too. Go to https://spendingplannersinstitute.com/become-a-spending-planner/ to find out more...